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Cabtech provides a highly agile and adaptable service to our customers, and we are highly experienced in all aspects of telecommunications infrastructure. We offer a full and bespoke service to all of our clients, and solving strategic, supply, and logistics issues is what we excel at.

Property Access & Payments Service

Cabtech have many years’ experience in negotiating access to clients’ telecoms equipment on third party property. We provide all necessary paperwork and ensure that our clients’ engineers are not kept waiting due to access issues. Our services include key holding & key distribution, payment and return of holding deposits, as well as ensuring all Health & Safety & Risk Assessment Method Statements are fully compliant with both the internal procedures demanded by our client, and also those of the property owner.

We understand fully that an on-site fault is an absolute priority for our clients, and we appreciate that there are several factors that need to be managed to enable faults to be resolved. Cabtech can offer a turnkey solution in these circumstances by providing engineering support, access cost payments, key issuing and delivery of time critical parts to site to enable faults to be rectified and the site up and running with as little impact on our client’s business as possible.

Each of our clients has the full support of an online portal, built for them, to their requirements, capturing the data they need. This assists in streamlining business operations resulting in a more efficient workflow.

Field Engineer 

From single workers to entire teams of hundreds, Cabtech have the capability and experience to ensure your engineers and staff are in capable hands where management and support is required. We can offer a fully managed service whereby we take care of everything from inductions and training, through to issuance of tools, vehicles and personal protective equipment.

Cabtech are also able to offer a semi-managed service for field engineers whereby we manage the products and services available to field engineers to ensure that our clients budget controls are strictly adhered to. Our unique ordering and reporting portal offers our clients unrivalled flexibility in what can be ordered in terms of product, quantities and price. The level of control between field and office based teams can be determined by our client and set up within the Cabtech online portal.

Furthermore, we can develop bespoke reporting systems for our customers that are budget driven, ensuring that departmental and project budgets are not exceeded. Within this framework we can also offer sub-team reporting, which enables project leaders to select bespoke and specific product availability, pricing and technical information for each team.

We would be pleased to discuss any particular requirements you may have with regard to field engineer management & support, please feel free to contact us with your requirements. 

Specialist Component Sourcing

At Cabtech we pride ourselves in our ability to assist our clients in obtaining the products they need, when they need them. With nearly 30 years of experience in sourcing telecommunication and network infrastructure products, we are confident in being able to offer our clients a first class service for all of their sourcing requirements.

We have a network of super-distributors worldwide who we have built up an excellent working relationship with. In view of this we are able to work around the clock obtaining hard to find and end of life products that ensure our clients have the correct materials on site, and on time. On many occasions we have sourced vital products out of business hours through our contacts primarily in the United States, and had the goods shipped overnight for use by our clients engineers the very next day. It is our flexibility, adaptability and commitment to service that makes this a possibility.

Through our industry experience we also have the ability to offer quick source alternative products that are more readily available for deployment, and, coupled with nearly three decades of interaction with field engineers and technicians, we know what additions and tools to offer to make sure the project is on time and successful at minimum disruption to our clients.

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