Access Solutions & Property Consultancy

Often overlooked, and involving hefty last minute charges and engineers downtime, access to cell sites is a priority in the industry. Cabtech can manage your portfolio of sites and liaise directly with site providers.

Cabtech have many years’ experience in negotiating access to clients’ telecoms equipment on third party property. We provide all necessary paperwork and ensure that our clients’ engineers are not kept waiting due to access issues. Our services include key holding & key distribution, payment and return of holding deposits, as well as ensuring all Health & Safety & Risk Assessment Method Statements are fully compliant with both the internal procedures demanded by our client, and also those of the property owner.

We understand fully that an on-site fault is an absolute priority for our clients, and we appreciate that there are several factors that need to be managed to enable faults to be resolved. Cabtech can offer a turnkey solution in these circumstances by providing engineering support, access cost payments, key issuing and delivery of time critical parts to site to enable faults to be rectified and the site up and running with as little impact on our client’s business as possible.

We also offer regional field support whereby Cabtech take the responsibility of cell and site faults on a regional or priority basis. If you would like to discuss this aspect of our service further please contact us.

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Customer Testimonials

Client feedback is vitally important to us, it ensures we can maintain our high standards of professionalism and service. Below is a selection of genuine comments from our clients;

Some of the clients Cabtech are proud to be supporting